Amazing date!

I just had the most amazing date with my husband!  He took me out to eat and shared his steak with me.  He took me to a movie that he had no interest in seeing except that he knew I would want to.  He turned off his cell phone for the entire date.  He must have given me about a million compliments on the way I looked.  He was attentive and funny.  It is so good to know that after 13 years, I am even more in love with my husband than on our wedding day.

You may think you love your fiancé completely, but just wait.  It gets even better!  Happy wedding planning.

And a huge thank-you to Rob and Kallie for watching our kids while we went out!!!

Christi Brooks

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  • Mary Beth Mucklow:

    GREAT post! Love your site and so anxious to follow and see your success. Marriage = growing love for our Lord and each other in our house and yours, too, I know. YAY for a tenderhearted hubby!

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