Are You a One-Dimensional Bride?

I was looking at my engagement ring yesterday.  As I was scrubbing it, I was thinking about how beautiful it is when it shines.  I realized that it would not be nearly as stunning if it didn’t have all those faces on it.  A diamond with only a few faces would not be nearly as spectacular as one with many faces.  How about you?  Are you a one- dimensional bride?  According to the dictionary, one-dimensional means lacking depth.  Do you lack depth?  When I was preparing for my wedding, I know I had a serious lack of depth.  All I could think about was the wedding.  All I could talk about was the wedding.  All I could do was plan for the wedding.  That one-dimensional focus made me pretty hard to be around.  Even the people who loved me most got tired of hearing about this and that about my wedding.

I don’t want you to make the same mistake.  Don’t focus on your wedding planning and neglect to take care of the rest of you.  Exercise.  Study your Bible. Spend time with friends (and not talk about the wedding).  Go for walks with your fiancé (and don’t bring along a magazine with hundreds of pictures of wedding cakes for him to choose from).  Be the many-dimensional person you are.  You will find yourself less stressed and better prepared for the wedding day and beyond.

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