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I hijacked my lovely bride’s awesome new website to pop one of her favorite songs on here.  Enjoy!

Toby B.

Amazing date!

I just had the most amazing date with my husband!  He took me out to eat and shared his steak with me.  He took me to a movie that he had no interest in seeing except that he knew I would want to.  He turned off his cell phone for the entire date.  He must have given me about a million compliments on the way I looked.  He was attentive and funny.  It is so good to know that after 13 years, I am even more in love with my husband than on our wedding day.

You may think you love your fiancé completely, but just wait.  It gets even better!  Happy wedding planning.

And a huge thank-you to Rob and Kallie for watching our kids while we went out!!!

Christi Brooks

Posted via email from Diamond Marriage


Right now I am playing fairy princes with my kids. My daughter is the fairy princess and she goes around asking people what potion they want. My son is her assistant. I am the royal potion maker. It is my job to create whatever potion the public (my husband and the kids’ stuffed animals) request.

Wouldn’t it be grand if there really was such a thing as a fairy princess with fairy potions?

Here are some of the potions I would get…
• One to make brussel sprouts taste like chocolate.
• One to clean my kitchen and bathrooms with the wink of an eye.
• One to stop time on a sunny day.

What about you? What wedding potions would you request?

• One to make all your bridesmaids fall in love with the dress you chose.
• One to make your family and friends help out instead of questioning your every decision.
• One to get your fiancé as interested in planning your wedding as you are.
• One that would clone you so you could get everything done before your wedding day.
• One to convince your caterer to give you meals for all your guests for free.

While there is no potion I can give that will honor these requests magically, I can offer you tips and suggestions that may help you achieve some of those requests on your own. Join my mailing list to receive FREE tips and suggestions for saving money on your wedding, involving family and friends in the process, organizing your wedding planning so you get more done in less time, choosing dresses your bridesmaids will love, and so much more!

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