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God-Please Don’t Answer My Prayers

I am foolish. I ask for things I don’t need. I cry out for relief when you want to give me a deeper faith. I beg for an easy solution now when the best solution is just around the corner. Please don’t answer my prayers.


The Israelites got their prayers answered. In Numbers 14:2 they said, “If only we had died in Egypt or here in the wilderness.” You gave them what they asked for. You answered their prayer. In 14:28-29 you said that since they wanted to die in the wilderness, they would.


Your plan for us is ALWAYS better for us than our plan. Your ways are ALWAYS better than our ways.


Please help me remember this when you don’t answer me as I hoped you would. Please help me to trust that when you don’t do what I ask it is only because of your great love for me.


Please, Lord, don’t answer my prayers!

Ahhh, Accountability

My mom and grandma were visiting me this week, so I brought them with me to MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers).  It was so wonderful to have them with me, until we got home and I tried using the Love and Logic strategies I had been taught.  Our speaker talked about giving your child choices, so I prepared to implement his suggestions right away.  My son had a box of cereal and the peelings from a cutie that he left out.  I asked him if he would like to put away the cereal box or throw away the trash.  He chose the trash and promptly threw it away.  I got into a conversation and didn’t even realize for a few minutes that I was still holding the box of cereal in my hands.  I didn’t realize it until my grandma said, “He did his part, now are you going to do yours and put the cereal away?”


You see, I am not used to that level of accountability.  I live 1,000 miles from my extended family.  I have close friends at church, but they don’t see the day-in-day-out me.  My husband likes to keep the peace in our household, so he rarely picks a fight.  And most importantly, I am the mother.  My children have to do what I say.  So there is really no one who gets to make sure I do the things I say I will do.

While this can be a good thing, it is a dangerous thing too.  I think we all need a little accountability.  Left to our own devices all the time we have a tendency to become lazy or selfish or gluttonous or overly concerned with appearances.  We all have sins that tend to haunt our lives that are just waiting to gain a foothold.  When we are accountable to people, we are more likely to keep those sins at bay.  But when we think no one will notice, it is much easier to give in to temptation, whatever that temptation may be.

So although I didn’t much like being called on the carpet for not doing what I told my son I would, it was nice to have someone there who was comfortable enough in our relationship to lovingly scold me.

God is Good With the Details

Today I was reading Exodus 27 where God is giving Moses instructions on how to build the tabernacle and the furnishings for it. I was a little overwhelmed at all the detail that God goes into in describing what things should look like, how they should be made, what materials they are to be constructed out of, etc. God was extremely explicit in His expectations. Moses knew exactly what God wanted of him. But rather than the details being constricting, knowing the details is freeing!
Have you ever had one of those professors or teachers who didn’t spell out what they were looking for when you were to do projects or papers. They would give an assignment like: do a paper on ancient Egypt. I hated all the uncertainty with an assignment like that. I wanted to know how many pages the professor was expecting, what citation style, margins, font size, cover page or not and on and on. It was so much easier to create a project when I knew what the professor was expecting of me. I wouldn’t be stressing about the details and could focus on doing my best on the project.
God knew that we need structure. We need to know the guidelines and limits. We need the details. He wanted craftsmen to work on this special place where He would abide, but He set forth what He expected of them so they could concentrate on creating without worrying about whether it would meet His approval.
We also have been given guidelines by God. He tells us in His Word what we need to know to live victorious lives. He tells us that in order to be right with Him we have to believe on His son, Jesus, turn from our sins, and accept His free gift of salvation. If we have done that, then we are free to live our lives without worry that we won’t meet His expectations. Of course, we won’t want to stop with salvation. Our gratitude for our salvation will overflow into wanting to live our lives to bring glory and honor to His name. He has even given us guidelines for that process all over His Word. Philippians 4:8 is a great place to begin.

So rather than thinking of God as exacting and restrictive and His Word as full of dos and don’ts, let us see it in a new light. Let’s focus on the great time God invested in telling us how to please Him. We know exactly how to please our God, now let’s get out there and do it!

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In plenty and in want.

In happiness and sadness.

Today and forever.

Blessed Be the Name of the LORD!

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Her Again?

From the devotions of Malinda Edgell:

Some of you may dread tax day in April.  Folks required to work retail dread Black Friday.  Customer service employees nation-wide dread working their counter the day after Christmas.

  Me?  I dread the day each year when I’m expected to read about her–the Proverbs 31 woman.


  Today I’ve decided to focus less on the Super Woman of the Bible and more on the mother wanting to provide her son with the most detailed list possible for a future mate…King Lemuel’s mother.

  I’m no Bible scholar, but I’m just guessing she wasn’t anyone different than you or I.  She wanted the best for her child.  She wanted to give advice that would make her son’s life easier, happier and less stressed.  She wanted to make sure her son repeated no mistakes she, or her friends, had made.

  Down deep, I’m pretty sure of this, she wanted more for her son than she was herself.  Someone better, smarter, more productive, more business savvy, more generous, more frugal, more supportive, more–well, just more, than what she was!

  Hence, the Proverbs 31 gal.

  To King Lemuel’s mother, I can relate.  I set much higher aspirations for my son’s future mate than a replica of me.  I desire that he marry and spend the rest of his life with someone more lovely, inside and out, than his father picked.

  Nope, I’ll never be the Proverbs 31 woman, but I can pray my daughter-in-law wil be!

Reflections by Christi:

What about you, bride?  Are you the type of woman your mother-in-law can be proud of?  Will she be delighted to introduce you to her friends?  Will she brag on all the things you have accomplished or how kind and generous you are?  If you are not, then today is YOUR day to start becoming the Proverbs 31 gal.

Photo courtesy of Regina Penney

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Guilty Conscience Talking?

Jesus’ name was becoming more and more popular. People were discussing
him and his miracles all over the area. People disagreed about who he
was, though. Some people thought he was Elijah. Other people thought he
was a prophet just like they had in the early days of the nation. And
some people even wondered if Jesus was really John the Baptist come back
from the dead. When Herod heard the speculation, he was convinced of the
latter. He just knew Jesus was John come back to life. Why was Herod so

Herod was so sure because he had a guilty conscience!

Herod had been the one to order the murder of John. Herod knew he had
been wrong to do so. John had done nothing worthy of death, but to save
face among his officials, Herod had given in to the request of his wife
Herodias and her daughter. So now when there was another person telling
people they needed to repent, Herod was sure it was a formerly dead John
coming back after him.

What in the world does this story have to do with your marriage you ask? Everything!

I can’t tell you how many of the arguments I have had with my husband have
been because one or the other of us had a guilty conscience. It usually
goes something like this…

Toby comes home and moves something out of the way so he can set his stuff
down. Then he picks up a glass and puts it into the sink. I tell him
testily that I will get it. He says he was just helping out. I say that
he must hate coming home to a dirty house and a lazy wife. The argument
escalates quickly from there.

Now he never said I was lazy or anything of the sort. I projected that
thought onto him because I was myself feeling guilty because I had gotten
involved in the book I was reading and hadn’t picked up the house. So my
guilty conscience caused the entire argument—not something my husband said
or did.

I have been trying to watch out for those arguments lately and stop them
before they begin. I have to pause to tell myself the truth. It is I who
feels this way, not Toby. I can’t assume I know the meaning behind what
he is actually saying. I have many talents, but mindreading is not one of
them. He may have just realized that he had left his glass out from
supper last night and thought he should take it to the sink. Period. End
of story. No argument necessary.

So next time you feel yourself gearing up for a fight with your spouse,
ask yourself if it is your guilty conscience doing the talking.

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Today’s Bible Thought by Malinda Edgell

“I will thank you, Lord, in front of all the people. I will sing your praises among the nations. For your unfailing love is higher than the heavens. Your faithfulness reaches to the clouds.” Psalm 108:3-4 NLT

I already hear the murmuring…

Oh, Malinda, I couldn’t speak out loud before a crowd.

Malinda, I can’t sing.

Good grief, Malinda! In front of people?

The choir? All the way at the front of the church?

Testify? You mean with all eyes and attention on me?

Give a praise report in Sunday School, me?

Re-read the verse. Go ahead, re-read it.

Does it say anything, anything at all, about ‘what’ you can do?

Do the verses even bring into question your abilities, talents or even gifts?

Is there any mention, of any sort, of how well you do it, how pretty it sounds or how easy it is to do it?

No. No, it only refers to the ’why’ of the matter!

Why should we do it? Because His love is higher than our wildest expectations.

Why should we do it? Because His faithfulness exceeds our needs.

Why should we do it? Because God deserves every ounce of praise we can give Him–and more, much more!

No more excuses, friend. Praise, whether in song or by just opening your mouth, is expected, deserved and what will bring a smile to the Lord’s face faster than anything.

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Glory and Grace Can’t Be Separated

Our youth pastor preached today and said some pretty profound things that he had been learning.  Here is the gist of what he said…

God’s grace and His glory can’t be separated.  God extends grace in order to extend His glory.  The result of grace is more glory for God.  Too often we like the grace part.  We want to know we are forgiven and redeemed.  But we don’t think about the glory part.  Our salvation is proof that God has a purpose for our life.  Since He extended grace to us, He plans to use our life to receive Glory for Himself.

Is my life truly bringing God glory?  Is my salvation about more than MY forgiveness and MY encouragement and MY eternal future?  Am I consciously making decisions that would bring God glory or would bring me happiness and comfort?

This will be something I ponder this week.

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Encouragement for today and everyday!

Nicole C Mullen – Call on Jesus
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Dear Bride-To-Be

Come to Me, dear bride to be
And kneel before My throne,
And I will share My heart with you
And make your house a home.
Listen well, lean closely,
There are secrets at My feet.
The marriage you will soon begin
This Bridegroom will complete.
The man with whom you’ll journey
Is your wedding gift from me
To teach you things beyond this world,
A precious mystery.
For through your union I will choose to teach you of myself
Let him hold you tightly
and keep you safe from harm
until I’ll one day hold you in my everlasting arms.
Let him wipe away your tears
and trust him with your pain
until I wipe them all away and heaven is your gain.
Pray to love his tender touch and want his gentle kiss.
I grant you both my blessing
and ask you not to miss
the reason why I have chosen for two halves to become one
That you might see the Bride of Christ,
sweet daughter, dear son.
So make his home a refuge, he’s to love you as I do
Until your mansion is complete for you
And if I should choose to leave you here when I call him home Trust me, I’ll be your husband then, you’ll never be alone.

–Beth Moore

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