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Budget Smudget!

  • I get so tired of hearing everyone say we need a budget!
  • I hate budgets because I don’t want to feel guilty every time I want to stop at Starbucks on my way to work!
  • A budget is so restricting!
  • We don’t even know what our expenses are, so how can we create a budget?

I have heard engaged couples say every one of those things.  I have even said a couple of them myself.  It is true, creating a budget won’t be nearly as exciting as shopping for your wedding dress.  You may get frustrated with your fiancé for the miniscule amount he thinks you can get by on in the clothing category.  But wouldn’t it be better to get those types of fights over with now before you have to deal with the toothpaste residue he leaves in the sink or the stinky socks in the living room?

Sit down now, before your wedding, and map out a financial plan.  Creating a budget is essential for your financial well-being, but it is also great for emotional bonding.  Creating a budget together will allow you to…

  1. see what matters most to your fiancé and understand his priorities
  2. make sure you are both working toward a common goal
  3. practice the most important key to a great marriage—the art of compromise
  4. spend quality time together talking
  5. dream together of what your future will hold

To help you out with this super important marriage task, I have created a FREE DOWNLOAD of a budget workbook.  Print this out and start filling in the numbers together.  Besides the free budget workbook, you will also get a free subscription to my e-mail newsletter.  It will contain tips on preparing for a great all-around marriage.

To go even further towards getting your finances in order, you will want to check out my e-course called Preparing Your Finances for Marriage.  Besides the section on budgeting, this resource has activities to help you determine your spending habits, clarify your values concerning money and discuss the ins and outs of paying your bills.

By creating a budget now, you will be establishing a positive practice of spending time together planning a future for your new marriage.  What could be more important?

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