Diving In?

Watching kids on diving boards is a great way to help you understand
yourself better. Some kids look at the diving board out of the corner of
their eye. They walk around it and look at it warily as if it might jump
up and grab them if they get too close. Their eyes keep returning to the
board like a magnet. Something about it draws them. They want to try it.
It may be fun. But there is a larger part of their psyche that reminds
them of what all could go wrong if they try it. It may take hours or days
(or never) for them to overcome their fear and step up on it. And even
then they may get cold feet and walk back off the board without ever
making the plunge.There are other kids, though, who seem to have no fear at all. I have
seen 4 year olds strut up to the diving board, eagerly wait their turn,
step confidently on the board, and jump off like a wild banshee. They
never even consider the safety of the diving board. They are ready to

The same could be said for relationships. Some people approach potential
mates with fear and wariness. They are afraid of any long-term
commitments. All they can think about is what may go wrong. It may take
months or even years for them to get up the nerve to ask for a date.

Others jump into a relationship with both feet. They never consider the
potential pain and heartache that will result if things go wrong. They
are just ready to try something new and different.

Which type are you? Which type is your fiance? Share your stories below.

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