Glory and Grace Can’t Be Separated

Our youth pastor preached today and said some pretty profound things that he had been learning.  Here is the gist of what he said…

God’s grace and His glory can’t be separated.  God extends grace in order to extend His glory.  The result of grace is more glory for God.  Too often we like the grace part.  We want to know we are forgiven and redeemed.  But we don’t think about the glory part.  Our salvation is proof that God has a purpose for our life.  Since He extended grace to us, He plans to use our life to receive Glory for Himself.

Is my life truly bringing God glory?  Is my salvation about more than MY forgiveness and MY encouragement and MY eternal future?  Am I consciously making decisions that would bring God glory or would bring me happiness and comfort?

This will be something I ponder this week.

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