God is Good With the Details

Today I was reading Exodus 27 where God is giving Moses instructions on how to build the tabernacle and the furnishings for it. I was a little overwhelmed at all the detail that God goes into in describing what things should look like, how they should be made, what materials they are to be constructed out of, etc. God was extremely explicit in His expectations. Moses knew exactly what God wanted of him. But rather than the details being constricting, knowing the details is freeing!
Have you ever had one of those professors or teachers who didn’t spell out what they were looking for when you were to do projects or papers. They would give an assignment like: do a paper on ancient Egypt. I hated all the uncertainty with an assignment like that. I wanted to know how many pages the professor was expecting, what citation style, margins, font size, cover page or not and on and on. It was so much easier to create a project when I knew what the professor was expecting of me. I wouldn’t be stressing about the details and could focus on doing my best on the project.
God knew that we need structure. We need to know the guidelines and limits. We need the details. He wanted craftsmen to work on this special place where He would abide, but He set forth what He expected of them so they could concentrate on creating without worrying about whether it would meet His approval.
We also have been given guidelines by God. He tells us in His Word what we need to know to live victorious lives. He tells us that in order to be right with Him we have to believe on His son, Jesus, turn from our sins, and accept His free gift of salvation. If we have done that, then we are free to live our lives without worry that we won’t meet His expectations. Of course, we won’t want to stop with salvation. Our gratitude for our salvation will overflow into wanting to live our lives to bring glory and honor to His name. He has even given us guidelines for that process all over His Word. Philippians 4:8 is a great place to begin.

So rather than thinking of God as exacting and restrictive and His Word as full of dos and don’ts, let us see it in a new light. Let’s focus on the great time God invested in telling us how to please Him. We know exactly how to please our God, now let’s get out there and do it!

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