God-Please Don’t Answer My Prayers

I am foolish. I ask for things I don’t need. I cry out for relief when you want to give me a deeper faith. I beg for an easy solution now when the best solution is just around the corner. Please don’t answer my prayers.


The Israelites got their prayers answered. In Numbers 14:2 they said, “If only we had died in Egypt or here in the wilderness.” You gave them what they asked for. You answered their prayer. In 14:28-29 you said that since they wanted to die in the wilderness, they would.


Your plan for us is ALWAYS better for us than our plan. Your ways are ALWAYS better than our ways.


Please help me remember this when you don’t answer me as I hoped you would. Please help me to trust that when you don’t do what I ask it is only because of your great love for me.


Please, Lord, don’t answer my prayers!


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