Has Your Wedding Become a Dangerous Distraction? Part 2

Yesterday we talked about how your wedding planning could become so much of a distraction to your normal life that your health and relationships become compromised.  So how can you plan a wedding without becoming dangerously distracted?  Here are the first 6 ways…

  1. When you get overwhelmed with wedding planning, remind yourself that the wedding is just one day.  Picture your life as a married couple two years down the road.  By then it won’t matter if the color of the flowers is an exact match to the color on the wedding cake.  Think of the big picture.
  2. Take time each day to do something non-wedding related.  Read your favorite book.  Do a cross word puzzle.  Take a bubble bath.  Jog around your block.  Just get your mind off the wedding for a while to refocus.
  3. Give your fiancé, friends, and family permission to stop you if you are getting stressed planning the wedding.  And do NOT get mad at them if they tell you to take a break for a while.  Thank them for caring about you enough to not let you go overboard.
  4. Use a wedding planner to help you stay organized.  If everything you need to do is listed in one place you can easily see what you need to focus on when.  You might want to make a daily to-do list so you can scratch off items that are completed so you can see that you are making progress.
  5. Ask God to give you His priorities for your day and for your marriage.  When you keep Him at the forefront of your planning, you are much less likely to get carried away.
  6. Set realistic limits.  All of your spare time shouldn’t be needed to plan your wedding.  Set a limit for yourself like an hour per day for instance.  If you haven’t finished with your planning when your time limit has expired, then set it aside and come back to it tomorrow.  You will come back with fresh eyes and may find that you get more done than if you agonized over every decision for hours on end.

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