Has Your Wedding Become a Dangerous Distraction? Part 3

We have been talking about how your wedding planning could become so much of a distraction to your normal life that your health and relationships become compromised.  So how can you plan a wedding without becoming dangerously distracted?  Here are the last 3 ways…

  1. “Text decide” the small stuff.  For the wedding details that you don’t care about as much as the rest, make quick decisions like you would if you were texting.  Since you can’t have long, drawn-out conversations over text, people usually get right to the point, say what they need to, and move on.  Doing this with as many of the smaller decisions will free up time to devote to the parts of your wedding that are most important to you.
  2. Invite others to help.  Notice I used the word “invite.”  While you don’t want to use your family and friends as wedding slave labor, it is perfectly alright to let them help you with some of the planning.  This way you can make progress on your planning and spend time with your loved ones too.
  3. Chunk it.  No, I didn’t say “chuck it” as in the entire wedding.  I said “chunk it.”  By this I mean that you work on wedding planning for a certain length of time.  Then move to do a wedding workout for another chunk of time.  When you are tired from your workout, sit down to study a wife from the Bible.  Then for your last chunk of time call your fiancé to talk about the checking account you will open together.  If your time is chunked then you won’t be tempted to focus on just one aspect of wedding planning.  Moving from topic to topic in time chunks throughout the day will allow you to get more done and not to be distracted by one aspect of wedding planning.  As you read this, we are developing a product that will chunk your time for you.  There will be activities for you to complete in each of the five main areas of wedding preparation:  financial, spiritual, bridal, relational, and physical.  To make sure you don’t miss this product, sign up for our free e-mail newsletter.

While your wedding day is super important, don’t let all the planning become a dangerous distraction from your life outside the wedding.

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