I have to watch what I say!

I was reminded last week that I have to very closely watch what I say around my husband.  I mentioned in passing that I would like to have a laptop sometime so I could work at night while he was working on our desktop.  He went out and bought me one the very next day!

I am not complaining, mind you, I am just awed again at the amazing man I married.  He so wants to do nice things for me that I have to be careful to only mention things I want when I am ready to purchase them (or have them purchased for me).

How can you encourage your man to be this generous, you ask?

Well, I will let you in on a little secret.  It is a secret that I have only told my closest friends so far, so you are now a part of a very privileged group.  Are you ready?

I have absolutely no idea.  That’s it.  When I started writing this blog post I wanted to come up with the reason behind why he is so generous with me.  I wanted to tell you what you could do to earn that type of love and attention.  But the truth is that I don’t earn it.  Of course I do nice things for him and I show him my respect for him all the time, but those things should be standard in a marriage.  His generosity goes way beyond the norm.  He spoils me for no apparent reason other than he loves me.

Sorry I couldn’t share some deep secret with you this time.  Maybe I will have to ask him the reason.  That’s what I will do.  I will ask him the reason and I will let you know.  Keep watch for the rest of the story…

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