Marriage and Driving

I got a traffic ticket the other day.  (It just so happened it was the same week our pool blew away in a wind storm and our flatscreen tv got busted by a curtain rod, but that is a blog post for a later day.)  Today I started taking my online drivers course that will reduce my ticket price and keep my insurance from going up.  As I was reading the materials, it dawned on me that marriage can be like driving.

The instructors said that people drive so much that they become familiar with it.  As their driving comfort level rises, they forget to pay attention.  The very same thing can happen in a marriage if you let it.

If you have been together very long at all, you might be taking your spouse for granted.  You no longer eagerly await his arrival home, but instead greet him with a peck on the cheek and ask what came in the mail.  Forget those long talks about places you would like to travel some day.  Now you just exchange information about how much your car needs new brakes.  Gone are the days of long walks holding hands.  Now when you get to the grocery store you send him one way to grab the batteries and light bulbs while you get the milk and bread.

It is great to be comfortable in your marriage.  You want to feel like you can be yourself around your husband—sweatshirts and fuzzy slippers included.  It is important, though, that you pay attention to your spouse and your marriage.

In both driving and marriage, lack of attention can lead to some costly and hurtful situations.


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