Marriage and Gardening


This is our first year to garden here in Lubbock. There has been quite a
bit of work involved.
• Tilling the soil
• Having extra topsoil trucked in
• Building three huge planter boxes
• Staining the planter boxes with two coats of stain
• Shoveling the topsoil from the pile into the boxes
• Adding fertilizer
• Adding more good soil
It took all of these steps and many hours of labor just to get us to the
point we are at right now. We are finally ready to plant.
I got to thinking today about how a marriage is much like gardening. There are many background steps involved before the harvest of a peaceful
and enjoyable marriage. You can’t just imagine a perfect garden and then
start harvesting your vegetables later that day. Likewise, you can’t
just dream of the perfect marriage and then magically enjoy one. Marriage takes work. It takes sweat. It takes tears. It takes
compromise. It takes fighting and coming through stronger. Marriage
sometimes feels more like work than like fun. But take it from me, the
rewards of a strong, vibrant, and healthy marriage are worth every minute
you spent making it so.
What do you think makes a marriage strong and vibrant? Leave your
comments below.

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