The Value of Old Friends

My good friend came to visit us this week. We met our first weekend in
college and have been friends ever since. She is the rare type of friend
that everyone needs at least one of. She is the kind that you can invite
over without having to dust first. She is the kind that you can chat with
until the wee hours of the morning and never run out of things to talk
about. She is the kind that will wash your dishes while you are cleaning
off the table. She is the kind that will drive with you for 15 straight
hours when your husband has to work and you want to visit your family.

Your relationship with your new husband will undoubtedly come first in
your life, as it should. This is just an encouragement not to let your
other relationships die after you get married. I am so incredibly in love
with my husband who is my absolute best friend in the entire world. I am
also unbelievably thankful for my amazing girl friends. Make sure you
spend time developing both relationships. You won’t be sorry.

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