Two Right Shoes is Just Wrong!

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Be advised, no matter how much you plan and prepare and anticipate…YOUR WEDDING WILL NOT BE PERFECT!

I am sorry to disillusion you.  “Not MY wedding” you say, but I respond with, “Yes, YOUR wedding!”  Something will happen to throw a wrench in your plans.  Your caterer will forget to make one of the appetizers, or your ushers will forget to pull out the fancy carpet before you walk down the aisle or your ring bearer will run the other way with your rings.  SOMETHING will happen to mess up the plans you have been making for months.

Now that you know that no one can plan and execute the perfect wedding, it is up to you to decide how you will respond to the little snafus that make the day interesting.  I found out about our snafu at the reception when my new husband had me look at the shoes of one of his groomsmen.  He had two right shoes!  Not one right and one left one or two different sizes, but two right shoes!  And that dear man had worn the shoes all day regardless of how much they hurt his feet or how silly he looked.

Now I was a bride just like you.  I had looked forward to my wedding day since I was born.  I had cut out pictures of wedding dresses and agonized over flowers for way too many hours.  I had dreamed that my wedding would be perfect.  So how did I respond when I learned that the shop that we ordered the too expensive tuxedos from had messed up and sent two right shoes…I laughed and laughed and laughed.

What purpose would it have served if I had gotten mad and called the tuxedo place?  What would my husband have thought if I had burst into tears and cried that our special day was ruined?  What if I had pouted my way through our reception?  The events on our wedding days are for the most part out of our control, but our response to them is completely under our control.  I know you want this day to be perfect, but going off without a hitch does not a perfect wedding day make.  Marrying the man you love and being calm enough to enjoy the magic of the day does.

So take my advice, lighten up, and be sure to check everyone’s shoes!

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  • When I got married (the first time) I locked the keys in my car with both my dress and flowers in it!! The wedding was far away from home so if the flowers died I was up the creek. All ended well though.

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