Water Jug Confession Time

Ok, it is confession time.  If you will remember, my last blog post was about the woman who very rudely screamed at her husband for not holding tight to the water jug.  If you didn’t read that one, I would suggest you read it first and then come back here to read my confession concerning that post.

I was so worked up about that incident that I wanted to tell my husband how rude that woman had been.  I started to tell him that night when he got home but then stopped.  When I started to tell him about it, I realized that I had just spoken to him less than gently.  I couldn’t very well lambast a woman for disrespecting her husband after I had just disrespected mine.

Girls, it took me three days to find a time when I had been gentle enough for long enough that I felt I could share the story without feeling guilty about my behavior.  That was quite an eye opener!  We may think that we are being gentle with our words to our fiancés or that our comments are fine because we are just kidding.  How often do we say things that may hurt the one we love?  Pay attention this week to your words, your tone of voice, and your facial expressions.  I know I am going to!

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