Water Jug Wars

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My son and I went to fill our water jugs the other day.  We had 5 to fill, so it was taking a few minutes.  While our jugs were filling, a woman and her husband came to the other spigot to fill theirs.  All of a sudden a strong wind blew in—pretty commonplace for West Texas.  One of the jugs belonging to the other couple blew a foot or two from them.  Sounds pretty mundane, doesn’t it?  Then you can imagine my surprise when the woman started shrieking at her husband to grab the jug.  Then she started to berate him with “Didn’t I tell you to hold onto the jugs until I was ready?  Why couldn’t you have just done like I told you?”

Now she may have been having a rough day. I’d like to give her the benefit of the doubt.  But I was appalled that she would speak to another human being like that, let alone her husband, let alone in public, let alone over a 50 cent water jug that was blowing a few feet away.  Not only did I wonder why she would be so hateful, but my son asked me why that lady yelled at the man like that.

I couldn’t get that couple out of my mind all day.  I felt sorry for him having to live with a woman like that who even strangers can tell has absolutely no respect for him.  If I as a bystander was embarrassed by her words, how must he have felt?  How can she expect him to love her as a husband should when she shows him less consideration than she was showing to a plastic jug of water?

Ladies—let’s focus this week on watching our tones.  Let strangers see us interact with our husbands and fiancés and think what a lucky man he is to have a wife who respects him so much.

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