World’s Most Daunting Wedding Task: Writing Thank-You Notes and How to Do It Quickly

Most tasks having to do with your wedding are fun.  Everyone likes to choose the cake or shop for the wedding dress.  Booking the church or ordering the tuxedos are not chores that can be left undone.  When it comes to writing out the thank-you notes, though, it can seem like a very boring chore that can drag on weeks or months if you aren’t careful. 

Dreading a chore like writing thank-you notes does not mean that you are not thankful for the gifts you received.  You may be very thankful, but there are just so many other things to do after you get married that are more interesting and fun than writing thank-you notes.  And it is just so tempting to save the postage and tell someone you appreciate their gift via Facebook. 

While I don’t always agree with so-called wedding etiquette experts on everything, I do still think it is important to send hand-written thank-you notes in the actual mail and to do so promptly.  Most experts say that gifts received before the wedding should be acknowledged within 2 weeks and gifts received at the wedding should be acknowledged within 1 month.  I will admit none of my thank-you notes were sent out that soon.  The task of writing a personal note to so many people was just overwhelmingly daunting to me.

Thank you notes are important because it assures the gift-giver that you did in fact receive their gift and it wasn’t stolen off the gift table when everyone was busy with the Chicken Dance.  It also shows the gift-giver that you are appreciative of the gift.  Many people still think that the more thankful you are for the gift, the quicker you send the thank-you note.  So it remains very important that you send a note for every gift you receive and to do so as quickly as possible.

So how do you make yourself sit down and complete this monumental chore of sending out so many thank-you notes?  Here are 13 tips and tricks for you and your husband to choose from to help turn an overwhelming chore into a completed task.  Every person and every couple are different, so pick and choose the tips that will work best for you.

1.       Write out 2 cards before each meal until you are done.

2.      Don’t fast-forward commercials on your DVR.  Use that time to write out your cards.

3.      Write 4 cards and then get up and do some sit-ups or pushups to get your blood flowing then get back to the cards.

4.      Write 5 cards each night before bed.

5.      Race your husband to see who can get the most cards done in 15 minutes.

6.      Every time you want to check Facebook or email, do a card first.

7.      Take cards on trips in the car and the passenger writes them out while the other spouse drives.

8.      Keep a few cards in your purse so you can write out the cards when waiting at the doctor or dentist or the supermarket checkout line.

9.      Set aside a Thankful Day and do all the cards that one day.

10.   If you open your gifts at home, write the card immediately after you open the gift before you move on to opening the next gift.

11.   Take some cards to work and do them at lunch or break time.

12.   Set up a reward system for yourself.  You do 2 cards and get a kiss (either Hershey’s or regular).

13.   Write the note before you put the gift away or before you use it.

While there is no way to make the task of writing the thank-you cards go away except to just do it, maybe here you can see a tip or two that will make the task more manageable.

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